Comic-Con: the beginning

Now you can hardly meet a man who have never heard about Comic Con. Even if you are not interested in this event, you must heard about it on TV or in movies. Now San Diego Comic Con International is one of the largest events not only for geek-culture but for many other spheres. This festival announces the most expected releases of entertainment industry. Many world stars visit it every year. A giant fair attracts thousands comic books fans , computer-games and sci-fi movies. But let’s distract apart modern life and look back on 40 years. It was a time when the idea of Comic Con was conceiving and turned to be the greatest world trend.

Everything was started in 1970. The author of the idea was Sheldon ‘Shel’ Dorf, an artist from Detroit. In the middle of 60-s he was attending in preparations for Detroit Triple Fan Fair, an annual congress of comic books fans. This event became the first prototype of modern convents. It existed from 1965 to 1977. At the beginning of 1970 Dorf moved to San Diego where he decided to settle a similar event. The comic shop owner Richard Alf and the publisher Richard Alf supported him and they settled San Diego’s Golden State Comic Con. Then no dorfone of them could predict the results of such idea but they needed an aditional money anyway for realizing it.
On the 21st of March in 1970 they effected a one-day arrangement called Golden State Comic Mini-Con and around 100 people visited it. The first Comic Con was arranged from the 1st to the 3d of August in 1970 in USA Grant Hotel and was called Golden State Comic Book Convention. The artist Jack Kirby and science-fiction artist Ray Bradbury and Alfred Elton van Vogt came as invited guests. 300 people arranged the event. From the very beginning the founders were going to go beyond selling comic books and to include another aspects of mass culture like cinema, science fiction and fantasy fiction.

In 1972 the name was changed to San Diego’s West Coast Comic Con, in 1973 it was changed to more familiar San Diego Comic Con.


70comic346007_002_tx63571comic346007_001_tx635Now you can hardly imagine Comic Con without cosplayers but then such notion didn’t exist. The first prototypes of cosplay appeared in 1974 when comic book fans wore their favorite characters’ costumes for a masquarade party. That costumes can’t be compared with modern technically hard masterpieces but they made a good start.

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In 1982 the festival’s logo got the first toucan mascot on it.

BLBfm9uIt is strange but the convention got a certain abode only in 1991 in San Diego Convention Center. In 1995 it was recalled again to Comic Con International: San Diego. And in 1995 the logo got an eye on it.

Then the whole country got an obsession with comic books. Comic fans were crazy to buy all editions about their favorite personages but the catalogue market was extremely inconvinient. Moreover, some dashing rustlers saw how to make a pretty penny out of fans. They withdrew some editions out of sale and later sold them to collectors with a high price. So fans appreciated the author of the book less than possibility to get missed editions from publishers directly.

In the matter of cinema, “X-men” contributed to Comic Con the most.This movie’ s success directed attention of large cinema studios to the convention. Now many cinema studios announce their novelties in Comic Con exactly. Generally Comic Con became a connecting link between many aspects of comic industry including movies, animation, TV shows, games, figures and different fan stuff assosiated with comic books.

Comic Con was steady progressing for 40 years. New technologies in entertainment industry attracted more and more fans’ attention. Perhaps, this convention is one of the main phenomenons in a modern pop-culture. For all these years hundreds cinema stars attended the event. There is no such festival that can demonstrate such a long list of celebrities that could make crazy any geek.

By 2012 Comic Con saw a fantastic attendance – around 130 000 people! The social occasion that was expected to be a comic books exhibition, presently includes many aspects of pop-culture such as TV shows, horror fiction, animation, anime, manga, toys, collection cards, video games, fantasy and web-comics. This is the biggest festival in USA and the third largest in the World after japanese Comiket and french The Angouleme International Comics Festival. Comic Con lasts for 4 days of summer, from Thursday to Sunday. On Wednesday evening some specialists, attendees and visitors who bought 4-days tickets may come for preliminary run. In 2015 the event counted more than 160 000 people. Presently Comic Con arranges 2 more events such as exhibition of comic books, science fiction and movies Wonder Con and Alternative Press Expo, a fair of published by small publishing offices and self-published comic books. They are arranged in San Francisko and Boston.

In conclusion we offer you to take a look at selected photos taken from the first days of the event.


























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